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Meet Mark

Dr. Mark Young is one of those rare individuals with seemingly limitless energy, a passion for learning new skills, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

In other words, Mark embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.

As an entrepreneur, Mark currently operates eight businesses valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, including advertising, retail distribution, out-of-home TV networks, real estate development, angel investing, health and fitness, and professional auto racing.

Mark is the founder and CEO of Jekyll+Hyde Labs, one of the country's most successful challenger brand advertising agencies. Mark has developed advertising and marketing campaigns that have sold billions of dollars in products and services.

Mark also hosts and participates on several podcasts ranging from politics and current events to advertising, human performance, and longevity. His listener base exceeds 600,000 downloads per month.

Ad Agency Founder + CEO

Mark is the founder and CEO of Jekyll+Hyde Labs, one of the nation’s most successful advertising agencies for challenger and emerging brand consumer products, boasting over 25 years of challenger brand successes. Since its founding, Jekyll+Hyde Labs has garnered recognition throughout the industry by creating innovative campaigns that typically provide three to five times more media value than the competition.

Mark's Accomplishments and Interests

Podcast Host

Mark hosts and participates on several podcasts that collectively garner millions of listeners. These podcasts include:

  • CPG Insiders

  • I Love Marketing

  • Blunt Force Truth

  • American Checklist

  • Unknown Nations

Best-Selling Author

Successfully authoring three books, Mark has been able to share his unique perspective on health, life, and the entrepreneurial spirit.


  • American Happiness

  • Future You

Race Car
Team Owner + Driver

Mark is co-owner, and professional race car driver for Liberty Autosports. Mark and his teammates compete in multiple endurance and sprint races with WRL, USTCC, and NASA nationally, including One Lap of America. Mark currently holds the world record as the Oldest Male Rookie Professional Racing Car Driver in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Lifelong Learning and Curiosity

As laser focused as Mark is on the success of his businesses, he is equally obsessed with new experiences, and learning. He has studied Franklin, Edison, and Pascal extensively, while at the same time studying trends in technology, economics, and human behavior. This has formed his own unique way of processing information and problem solving. Mark also enjoys flying planes, as well as road trips on his motorcycle. He plans to one day soar the skies in a jet-propelled wingsuit.

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